March 21, 2013 | Vol. 116 -- No. 48

Hallett Elementary announces student awards for February

Hallett Elementary recently named its award-winning students for the month of February.

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The following students earned the HAWK Award: Bailey Cederblom, BettyJean Davis, Cheyannae Hughes, Brooklyn Adams, Madelynn Patterson, Olivia Niblock, Karelyn Cordova, Bacardi Adams, Kylee Grafmiller, Marin McKee, Adeline Hardison, Lillian Quensenberry, Gracie Gross, Griffen Davis, Alyssa Dozier, Jared Schimpf, Lily Harmon, Tabitha Hildreth, Raylin Pedersen, Jayda Noble and Chloe Hanson.

The following students earned the CAN DO Award: Brittney Soderberg, Lucas Whitehead, Georgia Campbell, Natalie...

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