It’s time to get our children healthy

Letters to the Editor


It is clear how unhealthy children are today. I am a mom of three kids in first, fourth and fifth grade. I have studied healthy options for my own childrens’ needs, health and educational needs and so on, as well as the needs of children worldwide. I am interested in the quality and availability of those needs, specifically healthy food options for children everywhere.

The biggest issues about children’s health are obesity and early onset of disease in children. I am not here to blame parents for the occasional fast food dinner. I am not faulting the school faculty and lunch servers for the factory processed meals they offer. I do not want to blame anyone. I would simply like to see my family’s community come together and lead a good example for generations to come.

I urge everyone to research where the food we eat comes from, what health standards are in place and how to sustain all our needs with local, organic healthier and tastier food. There are resources to help with this, such as; the site helps a community utilize what is already available. I would love to see neighborhoods plant and care for community gardens everywhere possible.

My family has been gardening for many generations now and I am proud of my childrens’ eating habits, they love their homegrown veggies! My point is; I know making big changes and learning to do things differently is historically a scary concept but if we forget the blame, educate ourselves, then we can collectively make some healthier changes together for everyone.

Christine M. Anderson



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