Late night food spots are needed in Cheney

Letters to the Editor


As a Cheney resident I look out my window and see many hungry college kids wandering the streets at night. I think that this has great potential for the members of our society to be brought together through their hunger.

All of the places in Cheney that are open 24 hours a day are always booming. I think that opening up a small 24 hour grocery store would be very beneficial for the Cheney population and bring some lively spirit to downtown Cheney.

A grocery store has more variety and if there are personal items that needed to be purchased late at night, that would a very convenient place to have. Every time that I drive by Zip’s late at night, it is packed. So obviously, a place in Cheney to buy food at all hours of the night would be very popular. It would not go unused and I think that our college-aged members of society would be very grateful and appreciative.

Andrew A. Briggs



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