Graduation alternatives could help save a life

Letters to the Editor


I am writing this due to the short memory of some of our high school senior parents.

It is amazing to me that some parents view their lack of convenience as more important than the safety of the entire class on graduation night.

Unlike a few of these parents in Cheney, I do remember having friends from high school die way too soon!

Yes, most kids who do go to the sponsored all nighter are “good” kids that may not get hurt or in trouble. But, my plea to all parents is - let’s consider all the kids.

As more and more parents support this event, the more the kids will want to go, and their friends will want to go, etc.

Your CHS Senior All Nighter Committee is working hard so that all the kids graduating have a fun and safe night. Not just a select few, whose parents do not want to be troubled by this event on high school graduation night.

Parents - this is may be the last night your child sees some of his or her classmates ever!

Let’s give them a happy all inclusive memory, not God forbid a tragic one!

Please join me in supporting the 2013 Cheney High School Class All Nighter. Please call the CHS All Nighter Committee with your pledge of support!

Mitch Swenson



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