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Winford has surgery following Saturday’s game

Compartment syndrome will keep EWU senior sidelined


Eastern Washington University senior guard Kevin Winford suffered a rare injury in Saturday’s game with Southern Utah that required emergency surgery.

“He got a contusion which caused an acute compartment syndrome,” Eastern Washington University’s head trainer, Brian Norton said. The lower leg is split into three compartments, Norton explained and anytime you get a bruise and there’s bleeding in a compartment it increases the pressure.

Winford suffered the injury in the first half while making a defensive play. He left the game and then returned, playing a total of 25 minutes, scoring six points on two field goals and a pair of late free throws with 3 minutes, 59 seconds to play. He exited the game for good in the final minutes.

“It got to the point where he couldn’t stand on it and Donald (Sims, head basketball trainer) said it looks like that, we better get him in there (to the hospital).”

Norton said Winford had surgery later Saturday night but returned for an additional surgical procedure Tuesday to further close the inner and outer layers of the incision. The incision was left partially open to continue to allow the pressure to be relieved.

According to PubMed Health, compartment syndrome is a serious condition that involves increased pressure in a muscle compartment. It can lead to muscle and nerve damage and problems with blood flow.

The injury is potentially limb-threatening Norton confirmed. “You can get nerve damage with that, you can get vessels trapped, lose blood flow,” he said. And within 30 minutes of diagnosis Winford was scheduled for surgery.

Winford could return in two weeks, “But it could be longer,” Norton said. He said the injury is rare, but he thought he had one with the football team earlier this fall.

Norton singled out Sims for his efforts in identifying the likeliness of the injury. “Donald did such a great job,” Norton said. “Donald was on top of it, figured it out.”

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