By James Eik
Staff Reporter 

Values, quality and family are at the center of Country Impressions


Placing an emphasis on a quality product and providing unbeatable customer service has gone well for Glenn Nutter and his business, Country Impressions Screen Printing and Sign.

Last week, Nutter and other West Plains businesses celebrated the grand opening of his storefront on 13416 Highway 2 in Airway Heights.

For Nutter, the task of screen printing started in the late 1970s, when he was looking for work. Since then, he’s grown to deeply enjoy the details involved in creating the art.

“It’s an art,” he said. “An ancient art. But, it’s something I enjoy doing.”

Prior to the storefront, Country Impressions operated solely at Nutter’s home, where he has a six-color autopress. But, opening the store has been a dream in the making for quite some time, albeit an expensive one. While business carried on as usual in terms of his screen printing, extra effort was needed to attract new customers to the storefront.

“It started out slow, but it’s picking up more and more,” he said.

Nutter and his family put in extra time during the week throughout the construction process. When he purchased the building, it was painted gray. Now sporting a dark red color, a renewed interior and some of his own touches, the building is refreshing and stands out from some of the others along Highway 2. The storefront opened in November, and has been growing since.

Customers from outside the West Plains have taken notice and are coming to visit. Nutter said some from Davenport have even been in to make some purchases. As a result of the increased traffic, he hopes to add a couple of new employees this year.

At the new location, Nutter carries a variety of T-shirts and other clothing available for purchase. It also displays the quality of artwork created during the screen printing process.

“My foundation is to give the customer more than what they pay for,” he said in terms of creating a product that will last longer than most retail store brands. The respect afforded to customers from a small business like his isn’t likely to be found from larger retailers. As a result, Nutter said customers who choose his business end up being repeat customers.

“If you treat them that way, then they’ll come back,” he said.

A self-made businessman, Nutter is the sole proprietor of Country Impressions, and hopes to pass it on to his daughters. He didn’t take any loans out to pay for the building, using money saved from many years of business. His practice, and lifestyle, is the true American story of building a business up from nothing, all while having a strong moral conviction. It’s a legacy he imparts on those he meets, showcasing his immense dedication both to family and his business.

“I’ve put every penny back in the business,” he said.

Due to his diligence, Nutter doesn’t have any debt; and despite the ongoing economic downturn, he’s persevered due to his high level of customer service.

A typical printing job has a turnaround time of anywhere from one to two weeks, he said. Admittedly the timeline is somewhat longer than other companies, and is slightly more expensive, but the quality of the end product is revered throughout the West Plains.

While some of the former occupants’ time in the city have been short-lived, Nutter doesn’t have any plans to go anywhere. His reputation for quality work is enduring, and will provide the cornerstone for his storefront operation.

“It’ll show some stability for the community,” he said

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