By Luella Dow

Love of music and natural singing ability drives Patty Hunt

Of Cabbages and Kings


Patty Hunt

Patty Hunt began to see the beauty of the world as a child near Bonney Lake in Western Washington. Patty is gifted with a great deal of musical ability.

One day as a young girl in school she was singing and a boy laughed at her. Instead of breaking into tears as some girls might, Patty said to herself, “I’ll show him!” Her teacher gave her voice lessons. She was chosen for the All-State Choir and was named as one of the top 10 sopranos in the state of Washington.

Patty enrolled in Pacific Lutheran University. After two years she changed to Northwest College in Kirkland. Patty said, “I sang in a Christian group and stayed with Christian music.” Her group sang for 10 years at the Puyallup Fair and Seattle Center.

Eighteen years ago she and husband Clinton Hunt came to the Cheney area. Patty found her niche by focusing on leading musical worship times at local churches and participating in musical programs. Patty enjoys the giving of her talents at the Assembly of God Church in Medical Lake. She also helps with the musical program and plays the piano for Christian Heritage School at Edwall.

The Hunts have built three houses and live in the third on what Patty calls their “Hobby Farm.” Clinton Hunt works for the state of Washington. Patty also works for Inland Power and Light Company.

On New Year’s Eve the Hunt’s had a party at their house. Their sow decided to have her babies that evening. Patty Hunt said, “I was not a farm girl. I hadn’t worked with animals. But, I knew this sow needed some help. She had birthed most of her piglets, but was not quite done. I searched the Internet for help. I figured out what to do and ‘helped’ deliver the last pig. He raised the total of newborn pigs to 10.

The Hunts have two Royal Palm turkeys, some Cochins chickens and other mixed breeds. “We’ve raised a couple of ducks,” Patty said. “And a little flock of pheasants. We incubate and hatch our own eggs.”

Patty and Clinton have three daughters, Marisssa, 15, Brittany, 13 and Makayla, 11. The Hunts like to go to auctions, garage sales and flea markets. Patty said, “Our neighbors know our bi-annual garage sale is in May and August. They always come to see what we have.”

You could say this family is very busy and you’d be correct. They are a friendly, helpful family. And you’d be correct again. We’re glad you moved to the Cheney area, Patty and Clinton. Hope all goes well on your “Hobby Farm.”

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