January 10, 2013 | Vol. 116 -- No. 38

Around the clock workout

Cheney is test market for Snap’s Fitness On Demand program

Snap Fitness is offering a round the clock group fitness class option for local exercise enthusiasts, and the Cheney location is the first to offer it in the Inland Northwest, and possibly even the state. Fitness On Demand is an automated, pre-recorded workout program that gives Snap members the opportunity to take part in group fitness classes as their schedule allows, and without an instructor onsite.

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John McCallum
Cheney Snap Fitness general manager/owner Jake Smith demos the new Fitness on Demand program while a workout routine plays on the workout screen behind.

“It’s a virtual instructor,” Cheney Snap Fitness general manager/owner Jake Smith said.

The technology is simple and nothing new. Smith said he saw it while at Snap corporate headquar...

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