By Luella Dow

Keeping true love strong


by Luella dow


Becca Storr worked in a plasma center at Davenport, Iowa for a year before she came west to Washington. The company had a policy that an employee could be transferred to anywhere they chose. Becca chose Eastern Washington because she had a second cousin she thought she’d visit.

Becca Storr had an instant job in Spokane’s plasma center. But not knowing any of the other employees and quite alone, she longed to go home again. Her mother, who lives in Illinois, said, “Give it six months and if you still feel that way you can come home.” Six months! Three weeks had seemed long enough.

One day Mark Hardee from Cheney walked into the plasma center. He and his ROTC buddies had been spending money vacationing and were all out of cash. They purposefully came to the plasma center to donate for some much needed money.

Hardee was a rather shy fellow. Becca Storr really caught his eye. He longed to talk to her but waited until they were alone for a few minutes. He had in his pocket some ROTC business cards that had just arrived in the mail. His moment arrived. Hardee handed Becca Storr one of his cards and quickly said, “Call me sometime.”

Becca Storr had planned to visit at home for two weeks and knew that Hardee would be gone by the time she came back. She said, “I called him that night. We went to a movie. Then he took me to a sushi bar and we’ve been together ever since.” Not bad for a shy fellow, eh?

They were married Jan. 2, 2008. As a second-lieutenant in the Army, Mark Hardee was transferred to Georgia, where they lived for four years. Their daughter, Sierra, was born Nov. 15, 2010.

Mark Hardee had found a wife who is capable of managing a number of things well. Hardee, now an Army Captain was ordered to Afghanistan. His next assignment is in Texas. Becca Hardee has seen to the shipment of many of their possessions to the home they have procured in Texas. She and 2-year-old Sierra recently moved out of the home they rented in Spokane Valley and are living temporarily with Mark’s parents in the Cheney area.

There are a couple of additions to their family. One is a 20 pound cat named Roar, who has been with them since 2008. He was joined about two years ago by another 20 pounder, Iceberg, who was a homeless stray. Becca Hardee said, “The cats are good friends. They travel well in the car.” They are dedicated house cats.

In addition to handling the business of the family, Becca Hardee enjoys arts and crafts. She said, “I would like to see Germany, to experience a different culture and develop an appreciation for the way they live.” She has developed a liking for the Cheney area and said, “I would like to live here.”

Meanwhile young Sierra plays with spider man, dinosaurs and monkeys and counts the days until Daddy comes home. Weather permitting he will be home Dec. 28. On Jan. 6, Mark, Becca, Sierra, Roar and Iceberg Hardee will head toward Texas. For sure, the hearts of their family will go with them. You see, Mark Hardee is not the only one who found someone to love. The family is blessed by the choice Becca Storr-Hardee made when she came to eastern Washington.

Luella Dow is a Cheney-area author. She can be reached at


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