December 20, 2012 | Vol. 116 -- No. 35

Iron Skillet trucks out fudge

Normally when one thinks of truck stop food, visions of pancake stacks drowning in butter and syrup, cheeseburgers so tall they sway in the breeze and steaks best described using the word “brontosaurus” comes to mind.

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John McCallum
Iron Skillet’s Angie Bertrand shows off a pan of peanut butter chocolate fudge that is likely now in the restaurant’s case (below) with over a dozen other varieties of the popular confection

But homemade fudge?

To long and short haul drivers, and some West Plains residents, the time-honored confection might indeed come to mind when speaking about the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the Petro off the I-90 Medical Lake exit. The restaurant began making homemade fudge in October 2011, bringing Airway Heights resident Angie Bertrand onboard for just such a reason as sa...

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