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Unsafe traffic signals can cause problems

Letters to the Editor


There are several concerns here in Cheney regarding the safety of individuals traveling in vehicles, some of which include slippery roadways, congested highways leading to and from Spokane and most importantly a stoplight that is improperly marked.

When the new Maverick gas station was installed, the light at its corner began to see more traffic. As people leave Maverik headed toward Safeway on the access road on Maverik’s side of the street, the street lamp signaling drivers to proceed with their left hand turn from the turn lane is a solid green light. This generally signaling drivers to turn with caution of oncoming traffic, however, the oncoming traffic has a red light and therefore causes confusion for drivers exiting the gas station.

There are a few extreme solutions such as redesigning the parking lot to allow left hand turns away from the stoplight, however, the most feasible solution would be to have the green light changed to a solid green arrow. Though the cost of this task may be pricing for some of Cheney’s budgets, the overall outcome would be for the betterment of the community and the safety of our town.

Zach W. Holm



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