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Parking problems persist in Eastern’s lots


It’s become very hard to find parking with a growing population of over 12,500 people at Eastern Washington University. Students and staff who regularly drive their own vehicles to school are beginning to have no other option than to park on the local neighborhood streets. It’s not only affecting the students and staff who are parking on the streets every day, but also affecting the residents who aren’t able to park near their house due to the streets being too crowded.

Tension from the residents is increasing. The last parking study recorded was about 10 years ago. This parking situation cannot uphold the duties in the future, change needs to happen soon.

Eastern is due for a new parking/student ratio study to accommodate everyone and their needs. A parking lot somewhere maybe on campus or on the outskirts of campus would be a very smart solution to look into further. Or, perhaps make a few more “Free Parking” lots near or on campus for people to park. Although, it might be a bit difficult to get funding for these projects, the outcome would be incredibly worth it. It will benefit students, staff and local residents at Eastern Washington University.

Charlene Hamilton



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