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Construction makes problems on Interstate 90

Letters to the Editor


As time goes on, we continue to face tragic worries of bad conditions on I-90, which is currently under construction. Due to an extensive amount of construction work, people are forced to use detours, causing serious traffic and irritation among the drivers. As a result, people encounter accidents, potentially running out of fuel, and late arrivals when attempting to reach their destination. This problem affects commuters travelling west and eastbound on I-90.

The present system is at fault and should be changed due to the deteriorating roadways and vast amount of commuters on the roadways today. Possible solutions include travelling by bus or carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. However, the best solution is to move all construction until later hours.

The results of changing construction hours will allow for satisfied commuters. Furthermore, there would be a reduction of accidents and/or injuries in the construction environment and the roads. Therefore, drivers would become less irritated and less chaotic in their driving. However, with the winter approaching construction workers are working extensively to finish so the early hour construction work is much needed. Drivers can also speed up with there driving without construction and can get even more injured by treacherous roadways to black ice and snow.

Neel S. Mani



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