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Leave tired old phrases, acronyms behind

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Unbelievably, the year 2013 is nearly upon us.

We’re nearing the end of the year, and this is the time of year to start reflecting on the previous 340 days of what was 2012. At the same time, it’s a chance to look ahead and hope we’re a lot smarter next year.

Specifically, it’s time we lay to rest some of the overused terms and figures of speech that have plagued us thus far. Sure, some are carryovers from previous years, but it’s time to tackle these life-threatening issues once and for all.

Every year, Lake Superior University publishes its Banished Words List, containing words that have been overused in the past year, and wear at both the mind and conscience. They’ve been at this since 1977, when they published their first list.

Phrases like amazing, baby bump, shared sacrifice, the new normal and man cave were included for this year.

Personally, I disagree with that last one, although I do see their point.

Although it was a publicity stunt for the university, it’s turned into something I look forward to each year. Looking back at the year that was offers plenty of insight on how to improve in the next. And, it offers a chance to laugh at those instances such words are used.

The 2013 list is coming out in the next few weeks, on New Year’s Day, and will likely contain plenty of words we can do without for the next 365 days.

Instead, I’ve got my own list.

Terms like “47 percent,” “entitlements” and “Swag” are extremely overused. Let’s not forget “YOLO,” or you only live once, contrary to the James Bond film that states otherwise.

On the local level, I have my own suggestion: JLUS. The acronym-known land-use document that involves both Medical Lake and Airway Heights is something that we can likely all agree is better left behind in 2012.

But, then again, the government and military do love the acronyms.

But, I’d like to hear what sort of overused words, terms or phrases you’d like to leave behind in 2012. Leave a comment on our website or our Facebook page.

Only together can we reclaim our vocabulary.


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