November 29, 2012 | Vol. 116 -- No. 32

Cheney code changes should create liveability, flexibility

Proposed zoning would protect neighborhoods, promote healthy lifestyles and create developer options

Cheney planning officials have released a draft proposal for revisions in the city’s low-density residential zoning codes, with some component changes the first since the code was originally written in 1961.

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John McCallum
Current R-1 single family residences in Cheney could carry a new R-6 designation and new requirements for infill development under proposed zoning code changes.

The changes were unveiled at a Nov. 19 workshop, and were to have been the topic of discussion at the following regular Planning Commission meeting. The meeting was canceled due to several illnesses, pushing review and further public discussion to the Dec. 10 meeting.

“It’s pretty substantially outdated when you look at what it requires and what other jurisdiction’s (codes) requ...

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