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MLSD grant builds excitement


The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program is in full swing in the Medical Lake School District.

Right now, programs in both Hallett and Michael Anderson elementary schools are up and running.

The hour and a half programs at the elementary schools are after school and run on alternating days. Monday and Tuesday, the program is at Hallett Elementary, while Wednesday and Thursday, it takes place at Michael Anderson Elementary. Over the two days at each school, over 60 students were at Hallett and 35 were at Michael Anderson. Two monthly Saturday events will help extend the program’s reach beyond school, welcoming parents to join in on projects and see what their children are learning in class.

“I hope it’ll just keep growing,” teacher Marci Dayton said.

Among the program topics include examining fossils, learning about static electricity and other areas related to the STEM fields. Last month’s theme was “Spooky Science,” which featured a number of hands-on activities.

“Last Wednesday’s energy level was off the charts,” high school teacher Ann Everett said in an interview last week.

The programming is funded through a three-year, $1.35 million Department of Defense grant the district received earlier this year.

Now that this year’s major components of the grant are up and running, Everett and other STEM coaches like Dayton and Lisa Wagner will begin to look at student progress. The Department of Defense said growth will likely be measurable in the following year. Medical Lake began implementing the grant right when school started in September.

“Some schools started in October,” Everett said.

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