November 15, 2012 | Vol. 116 -- No. 30

Teaching and learning in the modern classroom: Cheney’s new middle schools

Teaching team moves walls for education

Teaching team moves walls for education

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Photo by Becky Thomas Classrooms in the new middle schools have walls that break away to combine two classrooms, allowing teachers and classes to collaborate on projects.


Staff Reporter

After two months of classes in the Cheney School District’s two new middle schools, teachers are finding more technology and spaces than they know what to do with, yet.

As with the new interactive whiteboard Starboard systems, time is one limiting factor for utilizing the new tools, but logistics is another.

Each classroom at both schools has a moveable back wall that can be opened to create on big room. The idea was to make the spaces optimal for team teaching, which had been a common and well-liked strategy at the...

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