October 11, 2012 | volume 116, issue 25

Clothing against the cold

Of Cabbages and Kings

A young mother in a threadbare jacket holds the hand of her shivering little boy, who wears a too-small sweater and ragged pants. The soles of his shoes flop with each step he takes. They cross the street and enter the Cheney Clothing Exchange.

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Volunteers help Cheney Clothing Exchange director Connie Oakes, right, sort through the bounty of donations that will clothe needy families this winter.

Twenty minutes later a mother and son cross the same street. The little boy, wearing warm boots and mittens and zipped into a fleece lined snowsuit, skips and smiles. His mother, now tucking her gloved hands into the pockets of a warm quilted coat, hums a tune as they walk toward home.

Because of the volunteers who work at Cheney Clothing Exchange th...

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