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September 13, 2012

Rich Cowan's experience makes him the right candidate

I had the opportunity to meet Rich Cowan the other night. It seemed to me everything he's done to this point has prepared him to represent the 5th Congressional District in Washington, DC.

Rich grew up in Spokane and attended WSU.

He raised his family here and sent his kids to Lewis and Clark High School. He's served numerous non-profits as a member of their boards of directors. You think he knows our community?

Rich built a business here, North by Northwest Productions, which currently employs 30 people in the Spokane office.

Rich made a conscious commitment to base North by Northwest's productions in the Spokane area. Why? Because he knew those productions would create hundreds of jobs and generate millions of dollars for our local economy.

Through the years, he's contributed hours of pro-bono work for many area non-profits. He's shown he cares about Eastern Washington.

When Rich left North by Northwest to run for Congress, he left the company debt-free.

Does it sound like Rich knows how to balance a budget?

Rich Cowan is the best candidate to represent the 5th Congressional District that I've seen in years.

Olivette Orme



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