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Compromise in politics is a rarely-traveled two-way street

Compromise? Who's drinking the Kool-Aid? A recent opinion letter (Cheney Free Press July 12) from someone that is a teacher? Higher Education? Hopefully that person doesn't teach American history. Our founding fathers sure didn't have compromise with the king from the history I learned in school. 

But the jest of the opinion letter is that conservatives should compromise. We have the best political system in the world bar one exception. We have no political backbone/system to evaluate, modify or get rid of ineffective laws. We just keep piling on programs and spending. If a program doesn't work or cause more harm-get rid of it.  

I've never met a government employee or politician that didn't like a spending program or tax. Yes, politicians should compromise. Each year we should evaluate government programs at all levels. Enhance and support the effective programs and get rid of or modify the inefficient. We should get rid of automatic budget increases.   

Compromise is a two-way street. History demonstrates that the federal government hasn't compromised in the reduction of spending/programs since the 1920's. Maybe a real reduction in the military, alphabet agencies, and programs would be a good starting compromise. We've tried the spending routine for over 100 years. Compromise is when both sides give up a little for the end results.

Chip Magnuson

Four Lakes

A major breach in the wisdom holding humanity together requires strength

There is a breach in the wisdom that has held humanity together for the last 1,000 years or so.

We must choose whether or not to follow the Path of Wisdom until a brightly shining door becomes visible, or shall we follow an easier path that in all probability leads to a dead end?

To follow the right path we must discard the psychological eyeglasses that we wear which guides us to living life with tunnel vision.

When the right door is opened we will see and feel an energetic enlightenment that has never been present in our lives before. We must hold that door open with all the strength and intelligence we can bring to bear so that those from future generations who follow us will be able to see the Path to Wisdom and whose presence will enthusiastically welcome a new beginning for themselves and humanity.

Ray Gattavara

The Sungate Alliance

Sumner, Wash.

Thursday's Senior meals in Medical Lake is a helpful outreach for city

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank St. John's Lutheran Church in Medical Lake for having the Senior Meals on Thursday's starting this September at their facility. What a wonderful Christian group to invite the Lion's Club sponsored senior meals to meet rent-free in their facility.   

We have up to 80 seniors enjoying lunch at a very low cost. The social aspect is so enjoyable to all of us and again I thank pastor Steve and his members for this wonderful outreach to our community.   

Skip Bonds

Medical Lake

Access to a multitude of various items at the Cheney Library helps community

The Cheney Library is such a great asset to the community, with an amazing array of up-to-date periodicals, DVDs, CDs, books, and resource materials all provided by friendly, competent librarians.

It is great to be able to use computers and the internet, too, and have reminders provided when materials are due. 

Classes for little ones and the adult book club among other activities are also added features. Kudos go to the Cheney Library for providing this most valuable resource.

Nancy Street


Another successful Happy Hoofers Fun Run raises over $1,100 for charities

Cheney Federal Credit Union would like to thank the 100 people who participated in our Happy Hoofer's Fun Run.  Runners raised $1,103 for Credit Unions' for Kids & Children's Miracle Network. 

Our top finishers were: First place men – Tim Gainer, first place women – Kari Silvers, first place teen male – Corey Newman, first place teen female – Rylie Pease and first place youth – Dillon Caruth. 

A special thank you to the Cheney Free Press for co-sponsoring the race. Also a special thank you to Carl Combs, great race!

Staff of Cheney

Federal Credit Union



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