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Keller will serve as builder, mentor and leader in 6th District

When Larry Keller told me he planned to become a candidate for state representative for the 6th District, my response was “Why would you want to become involved in politics?”  Larry responded by saying “I think I can make a difference.” 

The truth is Larry has been making a difference his entire life. During the Gulf War Larry made a difference, and for his leadership he earned and was awarded the Bronze Star and Air Medal as a combat Veteran. Every organization has a “go to” person. Larry has always been the “go to” guy. 

Shift now to the civilian world of education. The attributes that I just mentioned enabled Larry Keller to rise from a substitute teacher in 1999 to Superintendent of the Cheney School District in 2008. 

Larry has the unique ability to improvise, adapt and overcome. He has demonstrated the ability to listen and understand opposing views and ideas and then formulate a workable plan. Larry is a family man of excellent character and integrity.  He has a proven track record with a very high level of competence.  He has the ability to connect, putting team and organization ahead of self. 

If you want a builder, a mentor and a leader, vote for Larry Keller. 

John R. Madri

Former President/CEO

Global Credit Union (Retired)


Seeking answers on when a baby becomes a person

The argument continues: When does a baby become a ‘person'?

Christian Smith, a certain professor at Notre Dame says, “By my account, a person is a conscious, reflexive, embodied self-transcending center of subjective experience, durable identity, moral commitment, and social communication.”

With those credentials to live up to, could any of us qualify?

Luella Dow



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