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Building skills and lasting loyalty.

Those are some of the outcomes Eastern Washington University associate head basketball coach Craig Fortier would like to see from both the team and individual camps they will – and currently are – running this summer at Reese Court.

One team session and Eagle Shooting Academy are already in the books, but two team camps remain and will happen June 29-July 1 and July 13-15. One additional Eagle Shooting Academy takes place Aug. 2-4.

While the overall effort is to try to draw as many campers as possible, “First and foremost we want to get Cheney kids and families involved,” Fortier said.

“We want local people to get excited about the camps, then they get excited about the season and they get excited about the off season,” Fortier said. “When you become a fan of a program you're a fan all year long.”

The other thing with camps it that you are able to connect on a personal level with a player or coaches he said. “So now when you come to a game it's not just, ‘There's the Eagles' coaches,' it's there's the guy who coached me in camp.”

Fortier said about 90 teams are expected on campus over the three sessions. “It's kind of a fun environment,” Fortier said. “We'll get a lot of people out here to watch games.”

The one-day Shooting Academy is designed to attract a new audience and player who cannot commit to multiple days. Campers will be able to take home a DVD with input from coaches. “I think that's going to be a different piece to add to the camp,” Fortier said.

Fortier said the goal of these camps is to help kids shed bad habits.

“What happens a lot of time with younger kids is we all have the temptation when we walk on the court to either dunk or make a 3-pointer,” Fortier said. “So if you can't dunk that leaves you to make a 3-pointer,” he said.

One of the first things players do is shoot the long-range ball. “Sometimes when you are a kid you haven't developed all those muscles and technique,” Fortier explained. “You start to compensate in a lot of ways which aren't great for your shot down the road.”

It's more about getting the structure set, not whether a player is making the shots or not. “Once the structure's right it's about repetition and the makes will follow,” Fortier said.

Fortier contends that shooting a basketball successfully is one of the most complicated skills in sports. There are of course those who will argue otherwise.

“In basketball there are so many factors, besides the fact that someone's there to try to stop you,” Fortier said. “It's a really complicated skill and one you never master; there's always ways to grow in shooting.”

Cost for the week-long camp is $125 for the four-day, morning and afternoon sessions with multiple age groups.

The individual camp cost is $50 for a six-hour session and includes the DVD. A player autograph session is also part of each camp.

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