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Thank you to those who make Cheney baseball possible

On behalf of the Cheney Baseball Association, a huge thank you goes to the many volunteers who spent Saturday, April 28, flipping pancakes, stirring eggs, roasting ham, and sorting auction items for the Annual Fisherman's Breakfast and Silent Auction. Once again, our community stepped up and made this a hugely successful event. This particular fundraiser benefits the Cheney community by helping high school youth play summer baseball. The money goes to fund player's fees, field maintenance, uniforms, travel expenses, etc.

We would also like to thank the many businesses that donated supplies or money to make this benefit possible: Badger Lake Estates, Ben Franklin, Cheney Federal Credit Union, Cheney Feed and Tack, Cheney Trading Company, Copy Junction, Costco, Mitchell's Harvest Foods, Owl Pharmacy, Rosauer's, Safeway and Yoke's.

Your continued support of Cheney baseball and our youth is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you at next year's Fisherman's Breakfast and Silent Auction.

Cheney Baseball Association


Advertisement in Free Press leads to recovery of ring

Take heart! There are honest and kind people left in the world! And they are right here in our own community!

I put an ad in the Cheney Free Press (hesitantly) for help to find my husband's wedding band, which he lost at Cheney Middle School while coaching a Little League team.

The wedding band was nothing much, but we've been married 20 years so it did have sentimental value more than anything.

A very nice man, whom we only know as “Don from Airway Heights,” took his metal detector to the field, spent several hours searching, found our ring and returned it! The ring was buried in 2 inches of mud, but he spent his Sunday afternoon taking his own valuable time to help us locate the ring. He never expected a reward and just did it to “help somebody out.”

When we met him to claim our ring, he told us that if we would have placed the ad in any other paper, we probably would have had several people looking for the ring but would have never had it returned to us. We believe that.

So, a huge thank you to “Don from Airway Heights” for doing a very good deed that means a lot to us!

Teri Jo Christianson



A couple of corrections to May 10 ‘Cabbages and Kings'

The Cheney Free Press tries hard to get things right. Once in a while a dilly of a problem crops up.

I'm referring to my story about Clarence “Buzz” Busby in the May 10 edition. Somehow the name of his friend, Dave Smith, was changed to Dan Smith – and what a surprise to the folks at the United Church of Christ to find they had just completed a new sanctuary with Buzz's help.

Buzz works loyally and diligently for the Cheney Community Church. Maybe this embarrassing gaffe will increase readership as folks rush to see it.

Luella Dow



European bank acquisition war exemplifies Scotland

There's an old saying that the “best exports from Scotland (besides Scotch whisky) are its brains.”

There's a lot of truth in that. No other country, considering its size and history, has given the world so many great men in so many different fields and disciplines. Millions of American claim their Scottish ancestry with pride, and annually show it with summer Highland games throughout the country. Who else would consider trying to throw a telephone pole – end over end – “fun,” all while wearing a kilt with no underwear on. They're nuts!

They're so nuts, that two recent events bear some watching on the international scale. One is the fight between the Royal Bank of Scotland and Barkley's (the damned English) bank over the acquisition of a large Dutch bank, which will be the largest acquisition in banking history.

They're so nuts, that the new prime minister of Britain will be Gordon Brown, another Scot, who – from what has been reported – is of a different breed than Tony Blair. If the president thinks he has a problem now, wait ‘til he sits down with Brown and chews the fat – or haggis – if required. One taste of that stuff, and the president just might call Air Force One himself and tell them to warm up the engines!

No wonder Napoleon surrendered shortly after Waterloo. That “thin red line” that stopped him, finally, was none other than Scot's Highlander Regiments, and nobody (especially the English) called Napoleon “nuts”! The new “Waterloo” in the banking world just might be who is finally left standing between the royal Bank of Scotland and Barkley's – with the Bank of America thrown in the mix, also. If they're involved, one knows we are talking big bucks.

The old saying of “eat crow” might soon be chanted to “eat haggis.” Stay tuned.

Graeme Webster



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