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Mat Maulers collect medals aplenty in Wilbur, Davenport


March 22, 2007

The Medical Lake Mat Maulers wrestling club completed its first two meets of the 2007 season in Wilbur and Davenport.

Results from the Wilbur meet are as follows, broken down by age groups:

5-6: Gold medal—Cameron Crawford, Cameron Hernandez. Silver medal—Jaeger Adams, Cole Hernandez. Bronze medal—Connor Gilbert, Jack Kallam, Brayden Peterson, Trevor Sperle.

7-8: Silver—Jason Crawford, Keoni Paikuli. Bronze—Dara Abounorinejad, Brian Baker, Devon Baldwin, Blake Cooper, Taden Englund, Jeremy Ryan.

9-10: Gold—Coby Johnson, Ricky Peterson, Josiah Thompson. Silver—Justin Brundage, Connor Segroves, Kaden Templeton, Tyler Thomas. Bronze—Devan Dimico, Vincent Fowler, Christopher Ozella.

11-12: Gold—Ian Shirey, Quinn Shumaker. Silver—Levi Usselman. Bronze—Darren Brosam, Anton King, Colton Raczykowski.

13-14: Gold—Timmy Haynes, Nolan Templeton, Aaron Were. Silver—Ryan Leslie, Daniel Nyman, Dylan Usselman. Bronze—Justin Berquist, John Carwile, Jeff Klymman, Tanner Thomas.

Results from the Davenport meet are as follows:

5-6: Bronze—Jaeger Adams, Cameron Crawford.

7-8: Gold—Brian Baker, JP Krussick, Brendan McNiven, Keoni Paikuli. Bronze—Dara Abounorinejad, Devon Baldwin, Blake Cooper, Jason Crawford, Taden Englund.

9-10: Gold—Coby Johnson. Silver—Darren Brosam, Brendan Satcher, Connor Segroves, Tyler Thomas, Josiah Thompson. Bronze—Justin Brundage, Tristan Keith, Casey Schierholz, Kaden Templeton.

11-12: Gold—Anton King, Levi Usselman. Silver—Jasper Danielson. Bronze—Shawn Gilmore, Colton Raczykowski, Ian Shirey.

13-14: Gold—Nolan Templeton. Silver—John Carwile, Jeff Klymman, Jackson Shumaker, Aaron Were. Bronze—Justin Berquist, Kyle French, Daniel Nyman.


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