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Principal's lax attitude undermines parents' efforts

In response to last week's front-page article “Cheney students define dance standards,” I am very concerned that Cheney High School principal Tom Gresch is unwilling to make a real stand on the issue of freak dancing.

He didn't attend the meeting when parents made it very clear they didn't want freak dancing for the obvious reason that it mimics sex. Rules and consequences were set and I left with

the impression that the school administration/teachers and parents were in agreement with what the standards should be. After reading Mr. Gresch's last comment, “We have good kids here...There's so many other things so much more important than the way kids are dancing,” now I'm not so sure.

Based on his comment, he doesn't seem to think the issue is important.

We do have good kids, and we should care about them enough to hold them to a higher standard of behavior.

Rules of conduct should not be negotiated. If the standards are lowered then it sets a precedent. If freak dancing is allowed, then what will be next?

Mr. Gresch needs to make a stand on this issue and draw the line even if it means banning the dances.

Other schools have done this. His lax attitude about freak dancing will undermine the work that his staff and parents have done to set and maintain a higher standard of behavior.

Sherri King



Thanks for credit card applications, I've fires to start

I would like to thank all you banking institutions and credit card companies who have been sending me as many as four credit card applications per week.

The return envelopes are perfect for grocery shopping. I keep the envelope on the refrigerator, writing my grocery list on the back, and putting coupons inside.

I have not forgotten a grocery item or lost a coupon since I started using your envelopes. This is a very useful gift and I do appreciate it!

I do have two suggestions, though.

I realize that the rest of the credit card application papers, when shredded, make excellent tinder for starting up a fire in the wood stove.

However, I do not use this heating method in my home, so please only send me those papers in the summer when I can use them to start my campfires.

My other suggestion is that you consider over-sizing the fake credit cards you sometimes send with the applications.

The current cards work OK for scraping my windshield, but a larger size would be much more efficient.

Joy Scott



Who's responsible for poor Walter Reed conditions?

Where was the breakdown in first line “command and inspection” at the “recuperating” facility at Walter Reed Hospital, and who should be held to account?

I have the fullest respect and admiration for military surgeons and doctors.

They perform miracles on a daily basis and not always under the best of circumstances.

They also wear rank, as line officers do. That rank gives them command authority.

If this recuperating facility is as bad as it seems from all reports, and being just across the street from the main

hospital, then why in hell didn't the chief surgeon at Walter Reed take a walk over there and check things out for himself?

The first clue should have been the brick fascia falling off the outside of the building – never mind anything else.

However, taking care of the troops is “non-commissioned officer” business.

Where in hell were the command sergeant major and the first-line leaders in all this? It all begins with them.

If it turns out they did, in fact, report the conditions to the command staff and nothing was done, then let the blame fall where it belongs.

But if it was a case of not wanting to “rock the boat” and letting things slide, then the NCOs responsible should be hung out to dry.

The severely wounded deserve better, and somebody dropped the ball -- but it seems a lot of balls are being dropped these days.

Graeme Webster



Why vote against English language?

A long list of U.S. senators recently voted against making English the official language of America.

Sens. Hillary Clinton, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray all voted against. Why?

Maybe it's so all those illegal Mexicans flooding into our country, who know only Spanish, can vote for them. Do you suppose?

In a vote to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits, Sen. Clinton voted yes.

Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray also voted yes.

How they're going to finance this immense giveaway is a puzzle. Guess they'll raise taxes to pay for it.

Ah, I knew there was a solution somewhere.

Rest easy, folks. We're well taken care of.

Luella Dow



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