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Eastern minister brings healing message to Cheney through business sponsorship


March 1, 2007



Through the sponsorship and invitation from Artist's Cafe and lst Street International Market, Brother Rommel from the Philippines visited Cheney this past weekend.

He spoke several times at St. Rose of Lima Church, held a healing service and was available for conversation at the Artist's Cafe.

“It was our gift of love,” said Amore Canaday.

Brother Rommel, the youngest of four, was born Feb. 6, 1960, in Manila, the Philippines.

He graduated from Far Eastern University in 1980 with a degree in industrial psychology. He is a doctor of human resources for international companies in architecture and designs.

Now, how did a man with talents in that area become a healing missionary?

He intended to become a priest, but “became a “simple family man instead,” he said. The transformation was gradual at first, he told us, but suddenly he knew definitely he had been called to this ministry.

This particular ministry was established by Brother Rommel and his wife Christine Yater in 1994 to continue the mission work after the death of sister Nena Aguirre, founder of the Divine Endeavors Organization.

In 2003 they formalized and registered as Soul Mission Organization Inc.

They began regular healing talks at Madrigal Arts Center, the Sacred Heart Chapel and St. John Bosco Parish in Makati City in the Philippines.

“There is an ever growing number of people who come to witness God's love and healing grace. It is a healing and deliverance ministry; healing of family relationships, physical and emotional healing and deliverance,” Brother Rommel said.

The ministry has an active care group in the Philippines of volunteer missionaries.

There are care teams in Canada and the U.S. who coordinate healing talks in their areas.

Currently there are over 200 members in the Philippines who act as researchers, prayer warriors and networking partners.

“The ministry has reached thousands of souls around the world,” Brother Rommel said.

Brother Rommel has ministered in prisons and witnessed convicts turned into converts and finally into prayer warriors.

He has been invited to speak in public schools in the Philippines.

“I was invited as a resource speaker for 3,000 school superintendents. I was even invited to speak to the Muslims in the islands,” he said. “When God closes doors He opens windows and sometimes takes away the roof.”

Many times there are other people listening in the wings when Brother Rommel talks to a group.

“I may get 800 e-mails after a talk,” he said, “Some of them come from those I wasn't aware I was ministering to.”

He has spoken before physicians' convocations where many realize some physical ailments have an emotional or spiritual basis.

This engaging man with a sincere heart for people everywhere, has discovered a talent for painting.

He fashions huge murals for churches and has an oil painting in Bethlehem, Israel.

With unflagging energy and commitment, Brother Rommel travels the world bringing hope and release from pain.

Luella Dow is a local author, and can be reached at


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