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 By ED FEULNER    Opinion    October 15, 2015

Is the world becoming safer or more dangerous?

By Contributor Few people would select the first option. It doesn’t take Russia launching air strikes in Syria (to cite only one recent example) for most to admit that tensions are rising. So why in the world are we cutting defense spending? And no...

 By ED FEULNER    Opinion    October 1, 2015

Moving Fed Bank money to highways doesn't fix problem

Frustrated voters sometimes denounce their representatives as “good for nothing,” but are they being fair? Consider the budget gimmicks some politicians come up with. When it comes to fiscal gymnastics, who can deny their creativity? Case in...

 By Ed FEULNER    Opinion    July 3, 2014

Taking the measure of Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society'

One of the lessons I learned in my first management course is you can’t improve something unless you can measure it. So let’s apply that to government. As ambitious government programs go, it’s hard to top the “Great Society,” which...


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