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 By Dr SCOTT BORGHOLTHAUS    Neighborhood    December 26, 2013

Are your contacts irritating your eyes?

Dessi: “Doctor said I needed these nifty colored glasses to hep wit my contacts; but I can’t tell if they’re the right size.” Mey: “Dessi, those are drinkin glasses; go back and get some seein glasses.” Often I see patients that say they...

 By Dr SCOTT BORGHOLTHAUS    Neighborhood    December 12, 2013

Do your blood vessels do the twist?

Ret and Ina were out for a leisurely stroll through the jungle (the back yard). Ret was looking at the twisty branches of the willow trees, when he noticed one was a bit off color. Just as he reached out to get a closer look, Ina shouted, “Stop!...

 By Dr Scott Borgholthaus    Neighborhood    November 14, 2013

3-D movies and the effects on vision

Lens and Iris were watching trailers for upcoming movies. When the food advertisements started, Iris asked Lens, ”Could you go get us some popcorn?” Lens replied, “Don’t have to; this is a 3-D movie, and the food’ll come floating by any...

 By Dr Scott Borgholthaus    Neighborhood    October 31, 2013

UV - The eyes invisible predator

Mac looked in the mirror with horror at his eyes. Startled, his wife, Ula, asked, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t look young anymore,” gasped Mac. “You can thank UV light for that,” huffed Ula. Mac countered, “You mean it wasn’t from the...

 By Dr SCOTT BORGHOLTHAUS    Neighborhood    September 19, 2013

New digital lenses change the way we see

Bif: “Boy, do I feel dizzy!” Calli: “You been drinkin’ again?” Bif: “No.” Calli: “Get in an accident?” Bif: “No.” Calli: “ Are ya sick?” Bif: “No, I jus got my new glasses.” Have you heard of the new digital lenses that...