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 By Dr. SCOTT BORGHOLTHAUS    Neighborhood    January 16, 2014

Ocular surface disease symptoms can resemble those of allergies

Cornelius: “My eyes been waterin’ a lot since I tried petting our new kitty. Maybe I got allergies.” Glandy: “Whooee, my eyes are waterin too. What color were that there cat?” Cornelius: “Oh, black with a little white stripe.” Do your...

 By Dr. SCOTT BORGHOLTHAUS    Neighborhood    October 3, 2013

Is your computer vision becoming a pain in the neck?

Lenz: “This here computer is makin my vision fuzzy.” Iris: “Are ya wearin yer readin glasses?” Lenz: “Oh, yeah, I fergot about that.” Millions of people each day suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Its symptoms include blurred vision,...