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Optometrists gain more knowledge of glaucoma

Our understanding of glaucoma has increased dramatically over the years. Originally it was discovered as a very high pressure in the eye; that occurred with severe pain inside the eye, and redness on the surface. This led to blindness, unless the...


Back to school check-ups encouraged for preventative vision care

With school coming soon it’s time to have your children’s eyes examined. Did you know that with new national health care laws all health insurances allow an eye exam and materials for all covered children? It’s been found that 80 percent of...


Ocular surface disease symptoms can resemble those of allergies

Cornelius: “My eyes been waterin’ a lot since I tried petting our new kitty. Maybe I got allergies.” Glandy: “Whooee, my eyes are waterin too. What color were that there cat?” Cornelius: “Oh, black with a little white stripe.” Do your...


Is your computer vision becoming a pain in the neck?

Lenz: “This here computer is makin my vision fuzzy.” Iris: “Are ya wearin yer readin glasses?” Lenz: “Oh, yeah, I fergot about that.” Millions of people each day suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Its symptoms include blurred vision,...


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