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 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    June 19, 2014

Getting behind the humming science of electrical power

Think about the most complicated machine you’ve dealt with in the past year. Was it a beeping monitor tethered to a high-tech device in an emergency room? Or was it a super fast computer you used at work? Actually, the most complicated machine...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    June 5, 2014

Gas or Electric: A tale of two stoves

My elderly aunt recently came into some money. She decided — very generously — to send part of it to each of her nieces and nephews. This gave me the task of choosing how I wanted to spend an unexpected $1,000. I decided to buy a new range for my...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    May 29, 2014

Engineering different ways to make biofuel

When you fill your tank, you likely see a little sticker on the pump saying part of the fuel is ethanol. Ethanol is a biofuel, which means it comes from plants like corn, rather than from fossil fuel — ancient carbon that’s been buried within the...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    March 27, 2014

Keep tabs on your vitamin D levels, diet may be insufficient source

My mother lives with me and I’m involved in her medical care. She’s a tough cookie. But like many 88-year-olds, she has several health problems. We visit her doctor at least once a month to report what’s working and what isn’t doing the trick...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    March 6, 2014

Termites and better biofuels

By Dr. E. KIRESTEN PETERS Contributor Every time I fill my gas tank, I see the notice on the pump that explains part of the fuel I’m buying is ethanol. Ethanol is alcohol, a type of biofuel rather than fossil fuel. While biofuels can be good to...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    February 27, 2014

A step forward in predicting volcanic eruptions

There are two main things most people would like to know about particular volcanoes: when is the next eruption and how big will that eruption be? Scientists in Iceland have taken another step forward in monitoring volcanoes to best predict when they...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    February 13, 2014

Those small, short-lived but splendid snowflakes

Those of us living in the northern half of the country can be forgiven for being tired – at this stage of winter – of shoveling snow. I enjoy the brightness snow can bring to dark winter days,...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    February 6, 2014

A brisk walking pace is better

One of the things my mutt from the pound and I like to do together is go on long walks. Sometimes on weekends Buster Brown and I stroll at the bottom of the Snake River Canyon where dogs can be off-leash (as Mother Nature intended). There’s a...

 By Dr. E. KIRSTEN PETERS    Neighborhood    June 27, 2013

New ice cores may shed some more light on past climate change

Late in the last century scientists published reams of data about Earth’s climate derived from ice cores taken from Greenland and Antarctic. By drilling down into the polar ice with hollow bits, workers were able to pull columns of ice up to the... Full story