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 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    September 18, 2014

Report: Health outreach to Washington parents pays off

OLYMPIA — States such as Washington that have expanded their Medicaid programs with federal funding are making far more progress in covering lower-income parents than are states that have rejected Medicaid expansion, according to a new Urban...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Neighborhood    March 27, 2014

Washington recreation sites await Obama's 'Conservation Promise'

SEATTLE - One aspect of President Barack Obama's new budget proposal that hasn't gotten much attention is his recommendation to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Congress...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Neighborhood    December 26, 2013

A gift of blood during the holidays can be a lifesaver

BSEATTLE - Blood donations tend to drop this time of year, so Washingtonians are being encouraged to stop by a blood center or blood drive over the holidays, to ensure that blood centers can continue...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Neighborhood    December 26, 2013

Remember that a pet for Christmas will become a pet for life

SEATTLE - Waking up to find a puppy or a kitten under the tree on Christmas morning might be a child's dream, but experts caution parents to think far beyond the holidays when considering a new pet....

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    September 26, 2013

Hastings' "Healthy Forests" Bill Raises Concerns

SEATTLE - It might save the government some money, but it won’t do anything to quell the controversy over logging in the national forests. That’s what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says in its new report about Congressman Doc Hastings’...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Neighborhood    September 26, 2013

Prevent obesity with important life skills for Washington children

TOPPENISH – It’s Childhood Obesity Prevention Awareness Month, and afterschool programs in some Washington communities have made it an all-year priority. In the Yakima Valley, with the help of local chefs they have organized "Top Chef"-style comp...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    September 12, 2013

New study of Washington drivers: accidents waiting to happen?

SPOKANE - One in 12 Washington drivers was spotted either texting or talking on the phone, in a study of motorists’ behavior released Monday. Researchers sat at busy intersections in six counties... Full story

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Neighborhood    August 8, 2013

Coal train impact study to reach beyond state of Washington

BELLINGHAM – A little farther down the tracks – that’s where the agencies reviewing plans for coal export terminals in Washington say they will look to determine their environmental impact. They will study how increased coal train traffic...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    July 11, 2013

An Independence Day focus on immigration reform

SPOKANE – Fourth of July picnics are traditions for many Washington families, and picnic baskets are being delivered this week to members of Congress who have not yet committed to supporting immigration reform. Home-care workers who made the basket...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    June 6, 2013

Will part-timers be dropped from state health plans?

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The move has gotten national publicity: The state of Washington could skirt the intent of the Affordable Care Act, in order to save money. Some state senators are advocating dropping part-time state workers from the health insurance...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    May 30, 2013

A bumper crop of public awareness: Anti-GMO food marches held over Memorial Day weekend

BELLINGHAM – On Memorial Day weekend, about 2 million people in more than 50 countries protested crops from genetically modified (GMO) seeds overtaking the food supply for humans and animals. The “March Against Monsanto” took place in 11...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    January 31, 2013

Washington Family and Medical Leave Program: Expand it or repeal it?

OLYMPIA – There’s a move in Olympia to end the state’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance program before it even gets going. It was created in 2007, but got no start-up funding in the recession and now, a group of legislators wants to strike...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    January 24, 2013

Washington joins backlash against ‘Citizens United’ decision

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington lawmakers are being asked to take a stand on campaign finance reform. On Jan. 17, a coalition called WAMEND presented the Legislature with 10,000 signatures, asking...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    Front Page    January 24, 2013

For frustrated families, strategies for homework help

SEATTLE - Homework does not have to be a battle between kids and parents. At a workshop in Seattle today, after-school care providers are learning strategies to help kids of all ages with their homework assignments. The trainer, Karen Summers with...

 By Chris Thomas    More News    December 20, 2012

Report: Reasons to howl about buying dogs online

SEATTLE – On a single day on the Internet, more than 700,000 dogs are for sale. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) says that’s what its researchers found in a one-day investigative...

 By CHRIS THOMAS    More News    November 1, 2012

‘Pay It Forward’ – a new idea for funding college

SEATTLE – Imagine going to college without paying tuition up front - and committing instead to paying a small percentage of your future income so that others can do the same. This new idea has been proposed for funding a student’s portion of...